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ActivPanel For Higher Education

Collaboration that builds big ideas

Promethean Interactive Displays for Student Engagement

Create lightbulb moments when complex concepts become crystal clear. We’re here to help open a world of possibilities.

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Achieve academic and business continuity

Our collaboration and learning technology solution, including the award-winning ActivPanel, helps your college or university create a thriving environment.

teacher using ActivPanel in a classroom lecture

Engage students no matter where they are

The ActivPanel helps create equitable learning opportunities for all students, whether they’re on an in-person, hybrid, or HyFlex learning track. Explain intricate topics on the infinite whiteboard and use Screen Share to interact with linked devices. Invite questions and discussion with remote participants using integrated, familiar collaboration apps and tools.

Empower faculty with intuitive technology

Professors and teaching staff sign in with their roaming profile, easily accessing their own content and personal customizations from any panel, anywhere on campus. Save whiteboards, documents, and class recordings from the panel to devices and the cloud. Quickly share material with remote students and save it for use in future courses.

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Enhance staff collaboration

Create a powerful and flexible environment for all functional teams with UC Workspace Quicklaunch. A personalized experience allows staff to show a calendar of in-room events, access apps and data securely, launch virtual meetings with one touch, and integrate multiple communication platforms.

Customize tech for unique spaces

Tailor the solution—including hardware, software, accessories, and professional development—to meet the needs of each unique space. From lecture halls to study rooms, labs to libraries, student union hubs to boardrooms, create connection and community.

Built for the long term

The ActivPanel reliably and securely integrates into any existing IT ecosystem. Personal profiles ensure sensitive data remains protected. Remote panel management makes running updates and security procedures across the fleet easy. 

ActivPanel 9 Premium
with ActivSync

Display sizes

65″ / 4K 75″ / 4K 86″ / 4K

Vellum Writing Technology

Continuous Touch Points


Pen and Touch Differentiation
Continuous Pen, Touch & Erase
Palm Erase
Palm Rejection
Yes (Writing and non-writing hand)
Yes, 4

Operating System

ActivPanel OS

RAM / Storage


Promethean Chromebox Compatible


Windows Module: OPS-M Compatible


Over-the-Air Updates
Cloud-based User Profiles

Dual Front Facing Speakers

2 x 18 W

Subwoofer (Rear)
1 x 15 W
Microphone Array


Gigabit Ethernet

Mirroring / Screen Sharing (Internal)
USB-C 3.2 (Rear)
1 (100 W Power Delivery)
NFC (Near-field Communication)
Proximity for Warm Boot

Ergonomic Angled Center Console
Easy Access Front Ports
Classroom Essential Apps (Whiteboard, Annotate, Spinner, Timer)
Promethean Lesson Delivery Software (ActivInspire, ClassFlow)

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