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Education news roundup – September 2022

Here are three of the latest and trending U.S. education and edtech news subjects from September 2022. 1. Why edtech isn’t just for students In America’s K-12 schools, education technology […]

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Boy studying at home e-learning

August 31st is World Distance Learning Day

Join us August 31 as we celebrate World Distance Learning Day! This is a day to recognize the gift of education that defies the limitations of physical walls. Thanks to […]

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7 reasons you’ll love the all-new ActivPanel

At Promethean, we lead the way in next-generation interactive displays for education, and our interactive display is at the forefront.   From the stress of exams and marking to managing a […]

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What’s behind the all-new ActivPanel?

After years of research and development, we’re delighted to announce the launch of ActivPanel 9, an interactive whiteboard that brings simplicity and innovation to the changing world of educational technology. […]

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How important are virtual learning environments?

Although virtual learning environments evoke remote and hybrid learning for many, they’ve been leveraged by educators long before a pandemic forced education to temporarily pivot online. As well as fundamentally […]

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virtual learning classroom with students at home and teacher in a Zoom session

4 tips for virtual learning

Technology continues to shape the way we live and learn. With so many online courses and resources available, there’s no better time to get students excited about learning. At Promethean, […]

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Student interacting with the ActivPanel

Technology helps Louisiana district overcome barriers and rebuild after multiple hurricanes

Calcasieu Parish School Board (CPSB) is a massive district with 58 schools and 36,000 students. Battling a pandemic and multiple hurricanes, a resilient community has defined the district’s character. From […]

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remote collaboration with an interactive display in a hybrid learning classroom

Classroom remote collaboration with interactive whiteboards

You likely know that interactive whiteboards have a multitude of classroom uses. But did you know that most can be carried out remotely via a strong internet connection? Remote collaboration […]

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teacher delivering hybrid learning lesson to students

Is hybrid learning still a strategic priority?

Hybrid learning has been hanging over education, shaping strategy and defining lesson delivery — so much so that educators wondered whether it’d subside. While schools largely feel more prepared for […]

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Two science students smiling while exploring science apps on their school’s interactive whiteboards.

5 best science apps for interactive whiteboards

The best learning apps for science students turn difficult concepts into fun ways to engage their curiosity. Thanks to technology, students can experience science hands-on in fantastic new ways. There […]

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teacher using an ActivPanel to teach in a hybrid learning model

Keeping it simple: Hope Christian School adopts a collaborative hybrid learning environment

As schools return to in-person learning, technology plays a vital role in shaping the modern classroom. By spending less time troubleshooting and more time for collaborative learning, Hope Christian School […]

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Teacher uses interactive whiteboard to engage students in lesson

Benefits of interactive whiteboards in the classroom

An interactive whiteboard is this generation’s take on traditional whiteboards. Also known as digital whiteboards or smart whiteboards, these interactive displays are used in a variety of classroom and educational […]

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EdTech News Roundup

Edtech news roundup – July 2021

Here are 3 of the latest and trending U.S. education and EdTech news subjects. 1. The School Year Comes to a Close The month of June raises a range of […]

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Promethean panel in a NVUSD Classroom

The Napa Valley community unites to bring innovative technology to its school

California was one of the hardest-hit states for much of the pandemic, dealing with more cases of COVID-19 and stricter lockdowns than many other parts of the country. And that […]

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Teacher and students interacting with other students on a screen

How to build classroom culture across modalities

Classroom Culture Matters Positive classroom culture is foundational to academic success and students’ social emotional learning (SEL); students thrive in a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment. But fostering a classroom […]

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Promethean Edtech News Roundup

Edtech news roundup

Here are 3 of the latest and trending U.S. education news stories. 1. Schools Continue to Remain Remote Amid Vaccine Rollout After a full year of adapting between virtual and […]

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East Noble School Corporation Using the Promethean ActivPanel

How edtech helped an Indiana district continue interactive learning during COVID

As we approach the end of the 2020-2021 school year, resuming in-person learning during the pandemic remains a significant barrier for many district administrators. Whether it’s creating a safe learning […]

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Promethean Interactive Display

Edtech helps Northern Illinois University mimic face-to-face teaching

Senior faculty fellow, Pi-Sui Hsu, has dedicated her career to higher education with a focus on technology integration in science teaching and learning. As an associate professor at Northern Illinois […]

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edtech news

The latest U.S. education news roundup

Here are 3 of the latest U.S. education technology news stories. Know the trends that Are transforming 2021 The past year was especially turbulent for education – adjusting to school […]

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students learning digitally =

The digital divide is widening as schools shift to remote and hybrid learning

The COVID-19 pandemic and the move from in-person learning to remote or hybrid models exposed many deep-seated problems within the U.S. educational system—from the lack of teacher training to insufficient […]

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student learning with classmate who is remote

The pandemic tests schools’ preparedness to shift to remote learning

In early March 2020, students, parents, and educators across the United States experienced something extraordinary—the near-total shutdown of their school buildings. Due to a pandemic that was rapidly gaining traction, […]

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empty classroom due to remote learning capability during the pandemic

Forces that attract: How UC Berkeley chemistry professors made the transition to remote learning

Wake up. Log in. Cover the camera and mute the mic. For many first-year college students making the switch to online learning, it’s the new normal. And with a majority […]

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edtech news

US education technology news – October 2020

Here are 3 of the latest U.S. edtech news stories to know about this month. 1. Many districts forgot the scout’s motto: Be prepared  As featured on District Administration, Promethean’s […]

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edtech news

US education technology news – September 2020

Here are 3 of the latest U.S. education technology news stories from September 2020. Lessons Learned As told by eSchool News, many students and educators are back to school the […]

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