ActivPanel for the Workplace

Collaborate effectively and solve problems faster with the Promethean interactive display for business

When the team lights up because now they know they've got this.

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ActivPanel adapts to
how you work today.

The ActivPanel delivers everything you need to enhance collaboration throughout your organization and encourage breakthrough moments at every turn.

Woman using the ActivPanel Titanium Pro from home.

Transform collaboration

Make meetings feel seamlessly connected no matter where your team is located. Brainstorm on an infinite whiteboard with our built-in business templates. Or use integrated partner tools and apps you already know and love.

Manage displays simply

Promethean keeps logistics hassle-free. Start with the touch of a button and use your preferred meeting app for remote participants to join. Connect any device to your ActivPanel wirelessly.

Control displays securely

ActivPanel integrates into any technology environment reliably and securely. Individual user profiles on each panel ensure that people’s credentials, files, and browser data remain secure.

Empower employees to succeed

Use screen sharing functionality to create interactive employee training modules and professional development courses. Deliver content live or record it for ongoing use.

Enhance your workspace with Quicklaunch

Create a powerful, flexible, and intuitive environment with UC Workspace Quicklaunch. Your customized experience allows you to show a calendar of in-room events, access apps and data securely, and integrate multiple communication platforms.

Spark creativity, speed
decision-making, and
make meetings meaningful.

ActivPanel interactive display mounted on the wall of a modern office conference room.

for the Workplace

Display sizes

65″ / 4K 75″ / 4K 86″ / 4K

Vellum Writing Technology

Continuous Touch Points


Pen and Touch Differentiation
Continuous Pen, Touch & Erase
Palm Erase
Palm Rejection
Yes (Writing and non-writing hand)
Yes, 4

Operating System

ActivPanel OS

RAM / Storage


Promethean Chromebox Compatible


Windows Module: OPS-M Compatible


Over-the-Air Updates
Cloud-based User Profiles

Dual Front Facing Speakers

2 x 18 W

Subwoofer (Rear)
1 x 15 W
Microphone Array


Gigabit Ethernet

Mirroring / Screen Sharing (Internal)
USB-C 3.2 (Rear)
1 (100 W Power Delivery)
NFC (Near-field Communication)
Proximity for Warm Boot

Ergonomic Angled Center Console
Easy Access Front Ports
Classroom Essential Apps (Whiteboard, Annotate, Spinner, Timer)
Promethean Lesson Delivery Software (ActivInspire, ClassFlow)

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