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Teacher and student using the ActivPanel interactive display in the classroom.
ActivPanel interactive display

The ActivPanel is a wise investment

Interactive whiteboards and projectors are
costly—requiring bulb and part replacements and overtaxing your IT department. Switching to the award-winning ActivPanel will instantly provide your school with the latest education technology solution that’s guaranteed to be dependable and easy to use.

Promethean is transforming
classrooms worldwide

Here’s what we’re seeing on the ground:

saw an increase in collaboration
between students and teachers

saw an increase in
collaboration among students

saw an increase in student
attendance and test scores

saw a reduction in time spent on lesson planning and delivery

saw a reduction in time spent on switching systems and tools

saw an increase in job
satisfaction among teachers

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“The teachers who have panels use them daily in their classes.
At this point, I’m not sure what they would do without the panels—
they’ve been lifechanging.”

-Technology Integration Supervisor

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Basic ActivPanel interactive display


Intuitive, visually stunning
interactive displays

Teaching Software Snapshot


Teaching software that
creates a-ha! moments

team of professionals in a training and development exercise.


Edtech’s leading professional development toolkit

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Bring your savings to life and see the ActivPanel in action. Our expert team of Education Consultants will provide an in-depth walkthrough of the tools and software that boost student engagement and collaboration in the classroom.