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For over 25 years, Promethean has developed edtech solutions which transform classroom environments by engaging students and inspiring learning.

We understand that every school and local authority is different—with unique needs, requirements, and challenges. That’s why Promethean has created interactive displays, teaching software, and resources to meet you where you are.

Take a look at some of the ways we’ve helped our customers teach, learn, connect, and collaborate—and achieve the breakthroughs they’ve been striving for…

SLA Accord

We’ve long recognised that designing robust technology for the education environment is not enough. Technology is an enabler, and to unlock its true value requires a deeper, holistic approach blending the skills of Promethean, its local partners, and the users.

To support Scottish Local Authorities in achieving maximum value from their Promethean investment, we have developed the SLA Accord, which helps our users to;

Align their digital strategy with curriculum and pedagogy.

Equip their teachers with key technology skills and the confidence to utilise them in the classroom.

Ensure today’s investment benefits the learners of tomorrow.

Available to Scottish Local Authorities who invest in Promethean, the SLA Accord:

Encourages effective adoption of digital skills by your teachers.

Supports continuous ActivPanel integration within learning and teaching.

Maximises return on technology investment by inspiring best practice.

Ensure today’s investment benefits the learners of tomorrow.

Promethean Train the Trainer Course

The Promethean Certified Trainers course has been running in Scotland for a number of years. The course is designed to support participants through upskilling and instilling the confidence to not only advance their own professional development but also to provide training to other educators. Upon completion of the course, you become a Promethean Certified Trainer.

Local Authorities benefit from the upskilling of in-house digital champions as it enables authorities to cascade training out effectively and maintain in-house expertise over time as staff change and best practice evolves.

Currently, 70 educators from 6 Scottish Local Authorities and 4 independent schools in Edinburgh have become certified. Participants regularly share best practices, hints and tips from their own experiences, which ensures the learning doesn’t stop once the course is completed.

Here’s what one of our certified trainers said about the course:

“The Promethean Train the Trainer course has been an excellent opportunity to enhance my own skills and those of my colleagues. The 4 part course was well delivered and perfectly pitched for teachers. I have appreciated the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences with other practitioners in a relaxed setting. The encouragement throughout the course has been excellent and the tasks after each session have been easy to embed into normal classroom practice”.

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Promethean Webinar Series

Each month, Senior Education Consultant Janice Prandstatter delivers a webinar for Educators. This monthly series shares the latest best practice and handy tips for teaching with technology, including guest teachers from around Scotland.

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Learn Promethean

Gain greater insight into the full range of features and functionality that Promethean can add to your classroom. Discover how to integrate these tools into daily lesson delivery to increase student engagement and collaboration. Become a Promethean Certified Teacher.

Promethean Plans

With both the variety of edtech on offer and the demands on teachers’ time increasing, it’s not always easy to find the capacity to carefully plan lessons involving targeted apps and digital tools.

Our Promethean Plans contain subject-specific resources, sectioned by grade that are designed to make your life easier. Within each section you will find:

  • Inbuilt tools, features, and functions of the ActivPanel
  • Additional apps that compliment your subject
  • Activities, games, and practical lesson applications to make the most of your panel

Download our plans now to maximise your edtech and create those lightbulb moments for your students.

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