Corporate Social Responsibility

Along with our employees, partners, and customers on every continent, Promethean is a true citizen of the world, and we’re committed to caring for it.

Four strategic priorities

We focus on four key areas where our expertise, global reach, and decades of experience can make the biggest impact.

Environmental responsibility

We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint in support of the global effort to fight climate change.

and inclusion

We promote a workplace culture where everyone is welcomed and valued for their perspective.

Quality of

We’re dedicated to increasing access to technology for underserved students, schools, and communities.


We encourage all of our employees to take an active role in improving our world.

Beyond carbon neutrality

From sourcing renewable energy to implementing new recycling programs, we continuously seek out innovative ways to model environmental responsibility. To date, Promethean has:

Achieved carbon
neutrality in 2020

through offset purchases and committed to continuing to reduce our carbon footprint going forward

Participated in an offset project in Tamil Nadu, India, aiming to reduce local GHG emissions by
replacing fossil fuel energy with renewable wind energy

Improved our outbound
transportation model to
reduce emissions
by 30%

Improved our environmental performance through ISO 14001:2015 certification and achieved
Energy Star certification for ActivPanels

Implemented waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) recycling programs in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the United States

Learn more about Promethean’s commitment to protecting the planet and communities.

We’re committed to
responsible recycling

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) became law in the UK in 2007. Its primary purpose is to minimise the impact of waste electrical and electronic equipment on the environment by recycling rather than disposing in landfill.

Promethean fully endorses the environmental objectives of the WEEE Directive and all Promethean electronic products are marked with the crossed-out wheelie bin symbol to alert customers to the fact that these products must not be disposed of with general/household waste streams but separated from other waste streams and sent to approved treatment facilities for safe recycling or disposal.

A globally inclusive culture

Promethean nurtures an equitable and inclusive environment across our offices worldwide. We know firsthand that our diversity makes us stronger, which is why we have:

  • Created four regional Employee Inclusion Groups (EIGs) to represent the voices of our employees
  • Adjusted our recruitment strategies to attract and hire the most diverse talent
  • Conducted company-wide audits and functional reviews to ensure equal pay for all employees
  • Required anti-harassment training and begun to implement unconscious bias and diversity training
  • Required all of our suppliers to complete a Conflict Minerals Reporting Declaration to ensure compliance with various international laws and standards
  • Conducted due diligence to ensure supplier compliance with anti-human slavery and human rights laws and policies

Giving back to our communities

As a company that believes everyone is capable of brilliance, we want to see all people thrive. Our efforts to give back are focused on Quality Education and Community Action. We prioritize these by:

  • Making grants of panels, software, and accessories to schools in need
  • Donating online resources and providing free in-person training to educators
  • Providing employees with two full days of PTO each year for volunteering
  • Committing to increasing employee participation in volunteer activities by 25%
  • Creating group volunteering activities for employees once we return to the office

Our commitment to sourcing minerals responsibly

Promethean is committed to ensuring that conflict minerals including Tin, Tungsten, Tantalum, and Gold (3TGs) originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or any of the “Covered Countries and which are contained in our products are sourced with due respect for human rights, the need to avoid contributing to conflict, and the desire to support development through our supply chain practices. We require our suppliers to perform supply chain due diligence, identify smelters, and provide this information to us upon request regardless of whether suppliers are subject to the SEC requirements.

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Our progress in 2021

Promethean started donating ActivPanel interactive displays across various parts of the world to inspire children to enjoy the art of learning. Here are some of the donations in 2021:

Our code of ethics

Promethean is committed to acting responsibly and ethically throughout its operations, while ensuring that our business partners share our deeply rooted values.

Our Board of Directors has established a number of key policies reflecting this commitment, covering areas such as health and safety, environmental considerations, human rights, and ethical business conduct.

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