Building digital skills from a young age using ActivPanel

Published: July 29th, 2019

ActivPanel enables engaging education for all

Based in Forestville, New South Wales, Aspect Vern Barnett School is a specialised school catering to around 130 students of various ages with autism. Aspect Vern Barnett endeavours to foster an open and collaborative environment for staff, parents and students, and works with five satellite classes around Sydney where their pupils go to integrate with mainstream students.

The school is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of all comers, and celebrates the strengths, interests and unique abilities of every learner. Bradley Muffett, a teacher at Aspect Vern Barnett, was among the staff who recognised the capacity for technology to help empower students and provide engaging teaching and learning experiences.In his words: “We love using technology which helps us be interactive and not just consumers with our learning”.

Teachers from Aspect Vern Barnett had seen the Promethean ActivPanel interactive display for education showcased at the EduTECH expo, and with the help of their students went on to win one through The Promethean Grant 2017. The ActivPanel worked so well in Bradley’s classroom, in fact, that the school has since invested in installing them in five more classrooms.

Not only did the school’s first ActivPanel lead them to invest in bringing the technology to more classrooms, Aspect Vern Barnett has also been sharing the benefits with other institutions in the Autism Spectrum Australia group. The staff have been keen to showcase how the panel can meet the needs of individual learners, and encourage engagement across the curriculum.

Aspect Vern Barnett School continues to provide fantastic educational experiences for autistic students in Australia, and their use of the ActivPanel to underpin and exact their own values is nothing short of exemplary.

Download the full case study here.