Unlock a world of opportunity with the Promethean App Store

Published: June 8th, 2020

Accessing the Promethean App Store through the ActivPanel puts thousands of educational apps at your fingertips.

Whether you want to explore a topic for the first time or give your students a fun revision activity, there really is something for every subject.

Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Google’s productivity apps – including Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and more, this set of apps will give you everything you need to support everyday teaching and learning.
  • Google Chrome – one of the essentials for browsing the internet.
  • Google Earth – if you’re teaching your students about the Amazon rainforest in geography or the pyramids in history, why not take them there through Google Earth?
  • Google Arts & Culture – bring great works of art or cultural points of interest to life on the ActivPanel.
  • ClassDojo – invite parents into your learning community and improve communication channels all round. Students can build digital portfolios of their work and be rewarded for important social skills like teamwork.
  • Google Expeditions – take your students on a virtual reality adventure, or let them interact with altered reality objects. Your students could be seeing sharks up close, or even visiting outer space!
  • ISS HD Live – let your students see the earth as astronauts see it, with a 24/7 live stream of our planet from the International Space Station.
  • ScratchJr – give students their first experience of programming with an accessible, animated coding experience involving snapping blocks together.
  • SPARKvue – get to grips with 21st century STEM skills by working with data. Students can input their own data or work with live sensor data from around the world including pH, temperature or atmospheric carbon dioxide.

This is only a small snapshot of what the Promethean App Store has to offer, so make sure to spend some time exploring it yourself!